“NIHONGO Starter (A1)” is an introductory course for non-native speakers of Japanese who are preparing to study in Japan. You can learn basic Japanese in the course which takes up various topics that you may encounter in Japan. The cast is international and the materials are consisted of the scenes at a science and technological university.  The content is general so it also applies to the learners studying in other areas and can be used by the student’s family too.

Date Offering: 01 March-31 May 2019

Teacher: Ms. Hori, Ms. Keiko Ueda, and Mr. Tsuneo Yamada

Language: English

Institution: The Open University of Japan

Link to MOOC: http://asianlearningportal.org/course/view.php?id=5

24 thoughts on “Nihongo Starter A1 Part 1 (01 March-31 May 2019)”

  1. Hi! I have already created an account in the Asian Learning Portal with my intention to enroll in this free course (Nihongo Starter). Any other action from my end to be able to complete my enrolment?

    Thank you!

  2. Hello! Are there any requirements to be able to participate/register on this program or is it open for all students? For reference I do not study in UP. Thank you!

  3. I was able to make a new account but the link won’t open properly,it just redirects me to a page where I wasnt able to find the list of course and finally confirm my registration

  4. Hi there, I have filled up my profile already, I can’t find any enroll button on this particular course 🙁 please help. I already clicked the attached linked too, it just directs to my profile.

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