Oral Communication and Conversational Fluency in English 2016

The course aims for you to develop listening and speaking skills necessary for a more successful communication in authentic context or real life situations. Learning activities will feature pronunciation practices, listening exercises, short speech delivery or oral presentations, and simulation of conversations. The course's five modules which you may complete in four to five weeks. You may study for about three hours every week, or you may follow your preferred schedule provided you have completed all requirements before the end of the course which is normally after the fifth or sixth week. Majority of the module are practical in nature and will use specific communication situations or conversational opportuninties or communication challenges which you may encounter in your day-to-day activities and in a professional setting.

Date Offering: to be announced

Teacher: to be announced

Language: English

Institution: University of the Philippines Open University

Link to MOOC: https://model.upou.edu.ph/esmp/course/view.php?id=11