Quality Assurance in ODeL

Quality is a major concern when it comes to education, whatever the mode of instructional delivery is.  However, since the familiarity is more of with the traditional mode of instruction or the face to face (f2f) mode, there is a common perception that quality education goes with the f2f meeting in the conduct of instruction processes.

In Open Distance eLearning (ODeL), quality assurance mechanisms had been established and are being implemented by various institutions.  This course will focus on this very important aspect of offering programs and courses in the ODeL mode.

This course will introduce you to the basic concepts and pillars of quality in ODeL as well as models of evaluating ODeL with focus on quality.

Specifically, at the end of the course, you should be able to:

1.  Explain the basic concepts related to QA in ODeL;

2.  Discuss the various components of offering ODeL programs/courses  related to QA ; and

3.  Evaluate your institution based on the QA indicators

Various multimedia resources will be provided throughout the course as well as opportunities to interact with your fellow learners through the Discussion Forums.

Likewise, formative and summative assessments will be done to help you assess and facilitate your own learning as well as to serve as basis for the certification of course completion.


Date of Offering: 22 Jan - 24 Feb 2018

Department & Institution: University of the Philippines Open University

Lecturer & Affiliation: Dr. Melinda Bandalaria, Juvy Lizette Gervacio

Language: English

Link to MOOC: http://model.upou.edu.ph/course/view.php?id=137