DescriptionThe ‘OER based e-Learning’ course was of 5 modules, each of 2-3 weeks duration, and was offered on the platform Wawasan4PACE on a Moodle version 2.5 open source software.
This course was developed by The Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) jointly with WOU along with a few other institutions in Asia as part of the institutional capacity building for OER-based eLearning at the University. This MOOC was being offered with the support of CEMCA and expected to cater to the needs of all educators who are interested in exploring the Open Educational Resources (OERs) for an e-learning environment, both in F2F Learning as well as Open Distance Learning. A total of 68 persons from 12 countries participated.

Date of Offering: to be announced

Department & Institution: Wawasan Open University

Lecturer/sProf.Dr.B.Phalachandra, Ms. Jasmine Selvarani Emmanuel, Ms. Deehbanjli Lakshmayya, Dr. S. Vighnarajah, Dr. Ooi Chia-Yi, Mr. Prakash V. Arumugam

Language: English

Link to MOOC: Wawasan4PACE (requires log in)