Blended Teaching and Learning Using OERs

Welcome to this MOOC "Blended Teaching and Learning Using OERs".  This is a 4-week course with the goal of enabling the teachers to use the OERs developed for the Technology for Teaching and Learning (TTL) course in a blended mode of teaching.

Specifically, at the end of this MOOC, the learner should be able to:

1.  Discuss the basic concepts/principles involved in a blended teaching and learning.

2.  Describe what Open Educational Resources (OERs) are. 

3.  Know the OERs produced for the TTL course which can be used for one's teaching

4.  Design lessons using the OERs for TTL for blended teaching

The course consists of 3 modules, each module will be discussed for a week with the last week to be devoted to the development/design of a sample lesson for blended teaching using the OERs for TTL.

Date of Offering: 6 Jan - 2 Feb 2018

Department & Institution: University of the Philippines Open University

Lecturer & Affiliation: Dr. Melinda Bandalaria

Language: English

Link to MOOC: